Dinas Kebudayaan dan Pariwisata Kota Palembang


  Campsitesfacilities in Palembang is one that people need to take a vacation or adventure. Two existing campground in Palembang is equipped with a variety of outbound playground and other facilities, campgrounds are:


o   Scout campsite of CADIKA

To support the needs of a diverse community, the campsite is one of their needed, especially for large cities are growing. Society fill full with activities of daily activity. So,during the holidays or weekend, campground is an alternative to relieve fatigue and improve relationships with relatives to undergo a camping adventure in CADIKA km 5. The location is being so close to the residential community, to make a strong reason for local tourists to come and enjoy the beauty of nature and camping facilities in CADIKA outbound.

Campgrounds of Punti Kayu
when you do camping, you can also enjoy the atmosphere of forest Punti Kayu Park. It is very wide variety of wildlife in the garden and watchesthe animals or play in Punti Kayu outbound. The location is not far from CADIKA. It can be said one area.