Dinas Kebudayaan dan Pariwisata Kota Palembang

Traditional Market

There are many traditional market still exist and popular in Palembang city. They are.

·         Cinde market

It is the oldest traditional market in Palembang. The architecture ofthe existing buildingsin this marketisevidencethatthis markethas already hundredsof years. A variety ofgoods are available inthe marketlike mainsnacksfrommorning to eveningFeel the atmosphere ofa traditionaland typicalPalembangin this market.


·         16 Ilir market

This is the largest and most comprehensive trade center of Palembang city. Various and diverse goods are sold here.You do not be surprised, if you come to this market and you do not get a parking spot because almost every day, it fills with visitors, especially on weekends. Crowded and full of sweat is one characteristic of 16 Ilir market. Because of that character, the traders and visitors call one of the shopping areas with a "wet corridor" because every trader and visitors will certainly sweat through one of hall. Do not believe it? Let’s prove it.


·         Sekanak market

Sekanak market is a market that is not too wide. It is attractive location because it is located in the coastal rivers like 16 ilir market but here less sellers and buyers. It is not too crowded. Bananas are one of the largest commodities that are sold in the market. If you remember Sekanak market, you will surely remember with bananas. One thing that is interesting here is an old building. A lot of the old buildings are still standing around Sekanak market, even though just a store or warehouse buildings. They are architecture of the Dutch and Japanese colonial era. Unfortunately, it is extinct with age, hopefully local government move quickly to preserve this market.

 FLOAT market

Not much we can see or experience when we visit the floating market.This market is only happen at certain times. So, it is difficult for us to enjoy the atmosphere of the floating market in Palembang.If we find the right location and time, we are luck looking floating market in Palembang.