Dinas Kebudayaan dan Pariwisata Kota Palembang




These are recommendations of some shopping centers for those who will visit the city of Palembang:

·         Palembang Icon
    it is the newest mall of Palembang city. It makes Palembang icon trying hard to become the new Icon for the people of Palembang. Its location is in Rivai shopping centers and offices. It can be an option for tourists to shop and enjoy the atmosphere of the city of Palembang in the day or night.

·         Palembang Square

This is the favorite public Mall of Palembang. It is the strategic location and it also equip with a Carrefour shopping mall.So, many people spend their weekend in this Mall.

·         Palembang Indah Mall
    Luxury is one of the characteristic that is a highlight by Palembang Indah Mall with a strategic location, many parking spot, and neatly making PIM is able to be an option for those of you who will visit to Palembang.

·         Palembang Trade Center
    For those of you who live in the surrounding Kenten and Basuki Rahmat area, this Mall is a top choice. Because of its location approach the settlements, it is easier for you to go shopping and spend leisure time in mall which is closest to your home.

·          International Plaza
    IP shopping center became the only one of the oldest present in Palembang. Palembang people are already familiar with this shopping center. It is one of the shopping; a variety of mobile phones and their accessories; and clothing centers.