Dinas Kebudayaan dan Pariwisata Kota Palembang

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Recreation and entertainment center is one of the facilities to be a favorite for the people of Palembang city. Every weekend in recreational and entertainment center is many visitors. Several recreational and entertainment centers that exist in the city of Palembang are:

·         Amanzi Water Park
    Location at Alang-alang Lebar district arround 15 km from the city center.It is the best choice for your family to play international standard water in Amanzi Water Park. Weekend and holiday season is the best time to visit the Amanzi water park especially during sunny day.

·         Fantasy Island

It is the first waterpark are presented of Palembang. It is better known by the public, but the location is too far from downtown. It can be one of the considerations for the public to visit the fantasy island.


·         OPI Water park
    OPI water park is the choice for those who want to vacation to the water park at an affordable cost with a fairly complete facilities. Its location is not too far. So, the OPI water park is one of the optionsbeside Amanzi and Fantasy island.


·         Outbound and Paint ball Punti Kayu
    you can meet this activity in the Punti Kayu park. For those of you who have children being teenager, you can invite to this location. The adventurous, test the courage, and self-reliance can be found here.


·         Inul Vista:Family karaoke entertainment
    Palembang as a  as metropolitan city would need a means of entertainment. One of entertainment is karaoke which is preferred as hobby of singing in Palembang. There are many families who attend karaoke place today. One of them is Inul Vista located in Palembang Square.


·         NAV: Family karaoke entertainment


One option for those of you who want karaoke entertainment in Palembang is NAV, it is also located in Palembang Square. So, it is allow you to determine the best options for family karaoke.