Dinas Kebudayaan dan Pariwisata Kota Palembang

Crafts Center



To everyone who visits Palembang don’t forget buy some crafts. For getting them, you can go to the center of craft in Palembang like.


·         Tanggo Buntung Songket Complex

Tanggo Buntung is the central of crafts. It is the biggest and most famous place which has known by the citizen of Palembang and the tourist from the other city. Those are many shops and houses being a craft souvenir center like batik, songket and the other typical crafts in Palembang. The location is in the middle of Tanggo Buntung village. This village gives feeling of a thick culture and the citizen who live in Palembang. the shops which are famous in Tanggo Buntung are Zainal songket, Fikri collection, etc.


·         Songket Ramayana  16 Ilir Permai Market

It is a modern market which has many kinds of craft like fabric, batik, songket, tool of warships, etc. the tourist has many choices of variety price. So, it gives the convenience of shopping.


·         Songket Rumah Limas

Limas house is a traditional house of Palembang. There is a Limas house had built to sell Songket and craft of Palembang. The location is in  jln. Demang Lebar Daun.