Dinas Kebudayaan dan Pariwisata Kota Palembang

Sports Venues



Leisure time would be very interesting if it can be enjoyed with family, friends and relatives. Palembang offers 3 sports venues. This is as an option for those of you who want to spend time together with your family, close friend, and relative. It supportswith a friendly atmosphere. You can capture the moment while walking and enjoying this atmosphere.

o   Jakabaring Sport City

            It is an area which is the largest sports complex in Palembang, and Indonesia. The area is stretched up to 410 Ha. It is the international standard sports complex that became a means for 15 sports of 22 sports that was held while Sea Games XXVI dated November 11-22, 2011 last.

            It is located about 5 km from the city center which is a fountain of Agung Mosquein Palembang. It can be easily reached by private or public vehicle. For those of you who are curious to visit it, you can contact travel agents or directly come to JSC because it is free of charge except for parking entrance Jakabaring Sport City area.


o   Kambang Iwak Family Park

            This is the best city park in Indonesia in 2008 and 2010.It is a legacy of the Dutch colonial era as a means of family recreation of the Netherlands in the past. It has become one of the favorite places in Palembang to relax and enjoy the coolness and beauty since the early morning until late at night. It is always crowded with a variety of activities. It is  not to be missed Kambang Iwak family relaxing in the park as one of your goals to Palembang.

o   OPI lake watersport

            This artificial lake is made when the PON event in 2004 in Palembang and intended to be a water reservoir in the location of housing for the athletes who compete. This location provides diversity for tourists who visit Palembang, although the location of this tour is very worth noting the management to be more comfortable and safe for tourists. Various water games like banana boat, Jet ski, etc. present to the increased activity in this lake